What a handsome little man. The bond between this family, unbreakable…….

Nitisha Matric Farewell

One of the most fun and exciting times before closing off your last year of school, the matric farewell. This young lady looked absolutely stunning in this breathtaking dress. Gorgeous……….

The Van Wyk’s

What a privilege to be a part of such a special day with a very special couple. Wishing them many years filled with love.

The Corbett’s

What an amazing couple. The love they have for each other can be seen a mile away. Beautiful venue, decor and a little bit of rain just to keep it interesting 🙂

Kelly & Sidney

What a beautiful bride…. Was great fun capturing this special day. Wishing them a life full of love and happiness.  

Melissa Bachelorette’s

What a whole lot of great things this day had in store. From dancing, awesome games, opening pressies and finishing off with powder paint, no more needed at this bachelorette. Great fun…….